Now answering calls 24/7 

How It Works

The Call Porter 3-Step Process

Getting started is so simple that our team of real estate experts can be taking your inbound calls in just 48 hours.

1:  We’ll set you up with a Custom Phone Number.

2:  Use the number on your marketing materials.

3:  We answer all your calls so you never miss another deal.

Our team, 100% U.S Based & expertly trained in real estate, use a Conversational Approach that builds relationship with the seller.

On the call, our reps use this conversational approach to screen for equity, motivation to sell, and property conditions.

Plus – by using our proprietary CRM software we can pinpoint exactly which prospect is calling, about which property. This means sellers get a friendly, personalized experience that leaves them smiling. 

All the details gathered on calls are recorded in your private Call Porter dashboard, so you can easily access everything you need to know about any deal at any time. 

Finally, our reps will schedule appointments on your behalf with motivated and qualified sellers. 

This means you can finally scale up your marketing, buy more properties and grow your business… without working more or being chained to your phone 24/7.

Let’s Recap!

  • We screen for equity, motivation to sell, and property conditions.
  • All details are recorded and accessible via the Call Porter Dashboard
  • We Schedule appointments on your behalf with qualified sellers.
  • Your business grows!


Built by Investors, for Investors...
so you never miss out on another deal.

Rest assured, we will answer every call, ask all the right questions, and weed out the leads that aren’t worth your time.

This lets you:


Close More Deals


Enjoy More Freedom


Save Time & Money


Dominate Your Market

Stop Losing Deals!

97% of investors don’t asnwer their inbound calls. It’s time you stopped missing opportunities and started buying more properties.

Let us handle all your inbound calls so you can focus on investing, closing deals ,and growing your business.